CYGNUS 803 2Mbps V35 to E1 Converter

CYGNUS 803 E1 to V35 Converter is ideal for connecting a V35 user device to an E1 interface of a leased line. CYGNUS 803 can be operated in unframed and framed (Nx64k) mode. Standard G.703 (E1) and V35 devices can be connected to CYGNUS 803 at data rates of 64Kbps to 2048 Kbps.


  • CYGNUS 803 allows devices such as routers to connect to E1 links telecom networks through E1 interface.
  • Support E1 and V35 Digital interfaces.
  • CYGNUS 803 supports connection to both framed(NX64 Kbps) and unframed E1 (2048 Kbps) links
  • E1 interface complies with ITU-T Recommendations G.703 and G.704
  • Frame types selectable from: PCM 30 and PCM 31, with and without CRC-4
  • Menu driven supervisory software (accessible from a RS232 compatible console port) for configuration, monitoring and statistics reporting
  • Built-in pattern generator and checker for qualitative and quantitative error performance monitoring of the E1 interface
  • Front panel indicators for displaying unit status
  • Can connect multiple DTEs to a single E1 link by cascading a number of CYGNUS 803 units.
  • Ordering option power supply: 230 VAC, 48 VDC or both or 24 VDC
  • Front panel indicators for displaying unit status

Application Diagram