CYGNUS 405 Automatic Printer switch

CYGNUS 405 is designed to facilitate setting up of PRS-UTS Universal Counters in Indian Railways ticketing system. It allows two separate printers to be connected to a terminal, so that UTS and PRS tickets can be printed separately.


  • CYGNUS 405 is fully compatible with Railways PRS and UTS application software. No changes required to existing PRS application. The UTS application can      incorporate software for controlling the APS.
  • CYGNUS 405 is automatically routes data from the terminal’s printer port to the PRS or UTS ticket printer under software control.
  • Manual bypass” mode allows traffic to be permanently routed to either of the two printers.
  • “Idle time out”, “default port” and “filtering” features simplify migration from a single application system to an integrated PRS-UTS system.
  • Rugged and compact design.
  • Front panel status indicators.


Application Diagram