CYGNUS 835F Dual Media Auto Changeover Converter

Reliable interconnection of signalling equipment is important in Railway applications. CYGNUS 835F improves reliability and uptime by allowing Fiber channels between the sites in addition to E1 and Quad Copper. It is versatile, and is ideal for interconnecting not only Digital Axle Counters but also UFSBI units, Block Phones, etc. High connectivity uptime due to media diversity, automatic changeover between media and an intrinsically reliable design are hallmarks of CYGNUS 835F.


  • Operates in pairs to transmit and receive ITU-T V.21/V.23 (E&M) signals over Dark/Dedicated Fiber or E1 links.
  • Used to interconnect 2-wire devices such as Digital Axle Counters /Block Phones and 4-wire devices such as UFSBI, to their counterpart devices across a Block Section. Provides built in gain adjustment facility for 2/4-wire ITU-T V.21/V.23 (E&M) ports.
  • E1 and Fiber ports serve as main links and operate as back ups to each other. User port traffic automatically switches to another main link if the currently used main link fails.
  • Automatic Changeover to Quad Port: User port traffic automatically changes over to a quad copper port (a) if none of the E1 or Fiber main links are up or (b) if the unit is powered off.
  • Quad Health Monitoring: When interconnected on E1 or Fiber main links the units continuously check whether the quad links/health between them are active. Alarm is raised if any quad link is down, or if the loss on any quad link exceeds -30 dB.
  • Dual Hot Standby Power Supply units operating in hot standby mode are provided. Both power supply units can operate from 24 VDC or 48 VDC. If the power supply unit in use fails, operation continues with the other power supply. Ordering option is available for 230 VAC operation using external AC to DC adaptor.
  • Event logs: Unit maintains time stamped event logs of up to 1000 events such as Unit Power On/Off, E1 Link Up/Down, Fiber Link Up/Down, Quad Active, Quad Health, etc. This log is accessible via Console Port, or by using Telnet (ordering option).
  • Potential Free Relay Contacts (PFCs): 4 PFCs are provided to indicate alarms such as Unit Power Down, E1 Link Down, Fiber Link Down, Quad Active, Quad Health. These PFCs may be connected to the Data Logger network for centralised monitoring of alarms.
  • Unit Management: RS232 based supervisory and Ethernet based Telnet/SNMP management are provided.
  • Resettable buzzer provided to draw attention in case E1/Fiber link fails.
  • Compact 1U height, 19 inch Rack Mountable.


Application Diagram