CYGNUS 844 Multi Service Fiber Optic Multiplexer

CYGNUS 844 is used multiplexing of several applications such as Control Phone, Hot Line, Auto Phone, RTU, Ethernet devices such as IP cameras, client-server access, dumb serial terminal access etc. over dedicated and shared OFC media. Cost effective and optimized solution for Voice, Analog, and Digital connectivity over shared and dedicated OFC


  • CYGNUS 844 units are connect Point-to-Point mode over dedicated OFC link with option of backup OFC media and shared media via E1.
  • In addition to OFC links the units may also be interconnected using upto two redundant E1 links. In this configuration user communication automatically shifts to the E1s link if fiber links are unavailable. Alternatively in case no OFC media is provided upto two E1 can be used in a pre-determined fashion.
  • If any of the OFC link fails traffic automatically switches to the other available OFC link or E1.
  • CYGNUS 844 unit support Ethernet, 2/4 wire with E&M signaling, V.21/V.23 analog modems line, FXS, FXO and RS232 interfaces.
  • Dual power supply units operating in hot standby mode are provided. Both power supply units can operate from 24 VDC or 48 VDC, or one can operate on 230 VAC. If the power supply unit in use fails, uninterrupted operation continues using the other power supply.
  • Unit maintains time stamped event logs of up to 1000 important events, such as Unit Power On/Off, Fiber Link Up/Down, E1 Link Up/Down etc. This log is accessible via Console Port or by using Telnet over an Internet Protocol (IP) compliant network.
  • Potential Free Relay Contacts (4 PFCs) are provided to indicate alarms such as Unit Power Down, Fiber Link Down, E1 Link Down. These PFCs may be connected to the Data Logger network for centralised monitoring of alarms.
  • Unit Management to be done using RS232 based Console Port or Ethernet based Telnet/SNMP management port.
  • 19 inch Rack Mountable.

Application Diagram