CYGNUS 418 FSK to Fiber Media Converter

CYGNUS 418 FSK to Fiber Media converter is suitable for Axle counter interconnection application in IB section of Railway signaling. It allows Digital Axle Counters with ITU-T V.21 or V.23 compatible communication interface to connect to Fiber media.


  • CYGNUS 418 operates in pairs on a dedicated optical fiber link (Dark Fiber) to interconnect the analog modem interface across the link
  • Driving range: Upto 20 km on single mode optical fiber. Higher range available as an ordering time option
  • The analog FSK interface provided on the unit is compatible with ITU-T V.21/V.23 and allows transport of full-duplex voice band analog modem signals on 2 wires. Compatible with all standard Digital Axle Counters
  • Power Supply options for 24 VDC or 48 VDC
  • Front panel indicators for displaying unit status
  • Manufactured using industrial temperature grade components.

Application Diagram