CYGNUS 421E JTBS Linker (ECC) is suitable for extending RS232 ports from centrally located Terminal server to a remote site. It is used for JTBS/YTSK agents for PRS/UTS ticket booking in Indian Railways. The CYGNUS 421E operates in pairs across the leased line and connects to external 64 kbps modems through a synchronous V.35 interface.


  • CYGNUS 421E is robust solution for connecting asynchronous RS 232 devices in an error free manner over synchronous 64 kbps leased lines. The Leased lines can be traditional or MLLN leased lines.
  • CYGNUS 421E operates in pairs.
  • It converts between asynchronous RS232 and synchronous V.35 interfaces; provides automatic detection and correction of data transmission errors
  • Support up to two asynchronous RS232 Terminal Ports with 1500 VAC isolation.
  • Status display indicators
  • 230 VAC operation


Application Diagram