Rainwater Harvesting


Water scarcity has been a long standing problem in semi-arid and rocky geographies such as that of Hyderabad, India. The rate of withdrawal of groundwater often exceeds the rate of recharging it. Also groundwater is often hard, and contains salts, which make it unfit for human consumption without expensive and environmentally damaging processes such as Reverse Osmosis.

It is the need of the hour that steps are taken to conserve water and augment the quantity and quality of groundwater.

Cygnus implemented a rainwater harvesting and collection system successfully in its premises in 2004. This system continues to provide our premises with drinking water throughout the year.

A separate harvesting and collection system provides us with water for gardening purposes.

Rainwater which is not collected by these two systems is channeled into groundwater recharging structures to augment availability of groundwater.

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