Fibre Optic Modems and Multiplexers

red_arrow Cygnus 855 Single Port Modular Modem
red_arrow Cygnus 880 Multi Port Modem
red_arrow Cygnus 883 RS232 Port Extender
red_arrow Cygnus 888 Fiber Optic Multiplexer

Fibre Optic Ring Products

red_arrow Cygnus 891 Ring for RS232 devices
red_arrow Cygnus 894 Ring for Ethernet and RS 232 devices

G.SHDSL Modems

red_arrow Cygnus 850 64/128 kbps Modems
red_arrow Cygnus 850 2 Mbps /Nx64 kbps Modems
red_arrow Cygnus 850 Modular Modems


LAN Extenders

red_arrow Cygnus 812 2 Mbps LAN Extender
red_arrow Cygnus 815 12 Mbps High Throughput LAN Extender

Interface Converters and Bridges

red_arrow Cygnus 835 Modular E1 Converter
red_arrow Cygnus 803 2 Mbps V35-E1 Converter
red_arrow Cygnus 803R 2 Mbps RS232-E1 Converter
red_arrow Cygnus 805 2 Mbps Ethernet-E1 Bridge
red_arrow Cygnus 842 Remote Ethernet Bridge

Statistical Multiplexer

red_arrow Cygnus 711 Next Generation Multiplexer

JTBS and YTSK Linkers

red_arrow Cygnus 421E JTBS Linker
red_arrow Cygnus 711L YTSK Linker


Terminal Servers red_arrowCygnus 1021 TS for RS232 terminals red_arrowCygnus 1021 TS for RS232 and Ethernet terminals Bridging and Networking Terminal Servers red_arrow Cygnus 843RE BriTS for RS232 and Ethernet terminals red_arrow Cygnus 843R BriTS for RS232 terminals red_arrow Cygnus 1121 Networking Terminal Server MODBUS Router red_arrow Cygnus 1110 MODBUS Router Accessories red_arrow Cygnus 405 Automatic Printer Switch red_arrow Cygnus 408 RS232 Port Isolator red_arrow Cygnus Line Protection Module