Cygnus 1110 MODBUS Router

  • Single box solution for connecting RS232 and Ethernet user devices to an IP network.
  • UDP support makes it ideal for connecting legacy RTUs (with RS232 or RS485 interface), as well as contemporary RTUs (with Ethernet interface) in Control and Monitoring applications. These applications require to keep delays under control due to the real-time nature of the data.
  • Modbus ASCII and Modbus Serial protocol support for Multidrop RS485 networks using external RS232-to-RS485 Converter (available from Cygnus).
  • TCP support allows it to be used to connect dumb terminals in Transaction Processing or serial communication applications, such as Railways’ ticketing, display driving, interactive terminals or other asynchronous devices. In these applications, in-sequence, error-free delivery of data between RS232 devices, or between RS232 devices and a TCP/IP host, is important.
  • V.35 WAN ports with support for standard routing protocols such as OSPF, RIP, Static Routing, etc.
  • Support for centralised management through SNMP/TELNET.

A cost-effective, reliable, easy to install, easy to monitor, single box solution for connecting RTUs in Control and Monitoring applications, and remote ticket booking offices in Railways’ PRS and UTS networks.