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aa G.SHDSL Leased Line Modems
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aa Fiber Optic RS232 Terminal Multiplexer New
aa Terminal Servers for RS232 devices, with option of Ethernet Switch
aa TCP/UDP Based Modbus and IP Router for RS232, RS485 Multidrop and Ethernet
aa RS485 Multidrop Networking on Fiber Optic Ring (MULTINET) New
aa LAN Extenders over Copper Wires
aa Ethernet Bridging over WAN Links
aa E1-V.35/RS232 Format Converters
aa Next Generation Statistical Multiplexer New
aa Bridging Terminal Servers (BriTS) New
aa Networking Terminal Server (NeTS)
aa JTBS Linker
aa Automatic Printer Switch (APS)
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G.SHDSL Modems
Use these modems to drive data across a 2-wire copper pair - either as the local loop for an end-to-end leased line, or as a local communication circuit. 

CYGNUS 850 Modem

CYGNUS 850/64k - 64/128 kbps G.SHDSL Modem

CYGNUS 850/2M - 2 Mbps/Nx64 kbps G.SHDSL Modem

CYGNUS 850 Modular Modems

  • Variety of DTE interfaces
  • Various clocking options
  • Different power supply options
  • Multiple options for configuring and monitoring the unit