883 RS232 Port Extender

CYGNUS 883 RS232 Port Extender




red_arrow   Allows asynchronous RS232 port to be extended across fiber.
red_arrow   Available in two variants
         • CYGNUS 883 offers multi-signal RS232 transport – allows up to 8 full duplex pairs of signals to be transported on fiber.
         • CYGNUS 883M transports one full duplex pair of RS232 signals (TX and RX) across the fiber link like a line Modem.
red_arrow   Both models can be supplied with up to two fiber interfaces:
red_arrow   Main and Backup. The Backup Link acts as a hot standby for the Main Link, and takes over on failure of the Main Link.
red_arrow  Driving range is up to 15 km on Single Mode Fiber, and 2 km on Multi-mode Fiber.
red_arrow   Both models can be ordered with 230 VAC, 24 VDC or 48 VDC power supply.
red_arrow   1500 V AC/DC isolation is provided between external power supply and RS232 port.
red_arrow   As an option, CYGNUS 883M may be ordered with 4-wire RS422 or 20 mA Current Loop user interface in lieu of RS232 interface.