850 2 Mbps /Nx64 kbps Modems

CYGNUS 850 2 Mbps /Nx64 kbps Modems



red_arrow  Operates on 2-wire copper circuits using G.SHDSL.
red_arrow  Driving Range: 6.5 km at 2048 kbps on 24 AWG (0.5 mm dia) unloaded copper pair under error free conditions. In a special Rate-Range mode,driving range can be between 6.5 km and 11 km, with a trade-off between driving range and the number of 64 kbps payload slots actually transferred across the copper pair.
red_arrow  Flexible clocking options.
red_arrow  Loopback and test pattern generation facilities for quick fault isolation
red_arrow  Ordering time options for configuration/monitoring:
         •RS 232 compatible console port.
         • LCD-keypad.
         •Via SNMP and Telnet over a TCP/IP network.
red_arrow  Front panel indicators for displaying unit status.
red_arrow  Ordering time option of resettable buzzer for alerting against line failure.
red_arrow  Power supply input – ordering time options for 230 VAC, 48 VDC or both.