843R BriTS for RS232 terminals

CYGNUS 843R BriTS for RS232 terminals


red_arrow  CYGNUS 843R can be programmed to operate in one of two modes:
         • In “Peer-to-peer Mode” its operation is similar to statmuxes. Data received on any of its RS232 ports is delivered on the corresponding RS232 port of a counterpart CYGNUS 843R unit at an upstream site (and vice-versa). No network IP address is required for this purpose.
         • In “Bridging Mode” it works as a Remote Terminal Server. In this mode a CYGNUS 843R at a remote site, along with a counterpart CYGNUS 842 or CYGNUS 843RE at an upstream site, allow remote async RS232 devices to directly set up TELNET/TCP/RLOGIN sessions to central servers without needing a separate Terminal Server at the upstream site.
red_arrow CYGNUS 843R can be ordered with 4, 8 or 16 RS232 ports. RS232 port speed can be up to 115.2 kbps.
red_arrow Interconnection between the remote CYGNUS 843R and its upstream counterpart is via a leased line (traditional or MLLN), at speeds from 64 kbps to 2 Mbps. External leased line modems are required.
red_arrow Ordering option of 1500 V AC isolation using RX, TX, and Ground signals. Isolation reduces chances of RS232 port failure even in sites with poor quality power supply, poor earthing, or high levels of electrical noise.
red_arrow TELNET/SNMP/PING support available in Bridged Mode to allow the unit to be configured and monitored from a central site.