835 Modular E1 Converter

CYGNUS 835 Modular E1 Converter



red_arrow  Converts user port signals and places them on G.703 E1 stream.
red_arrow  Modular design allows unit to be ordered with any one of several DTE interfaces with following functionality, as ordering time option:
         •V.35 DTE interface allows it to work as a V.35 to E1 converter for nx64kbps operation (n= 1 to 32)
         •4-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet DTE interface allow it to be used as a LAN Bridge over E1 at nx64 Kbps bandwidth (up to 2 Mbps)
         •Async RS232 DTE interface allows it to be used to transport RS232 data over E1 by allocating nx64 kbps slots for placing async NMSI data.
         •2-wire analog modem DTE interface allows it to be used for transporting full duplex voice band analog modem signals over E1.
red_arrow  Configuration/monitoring – ordering time options for:
         •RS 232 compatible console port.
         •LCD-Keypad interface on front panel.
         •Via SNMP and Telnet over a TCP/IP network.
         •Through switches and jumpers alone (limited parameter configuration).
red_arrow  Flexible clocking options.
red_arrow  Loopback and test pattern generation facilities for quick fault isolation.
red_arrow  Front panel indicators for displaying unit status.
red_arrow  Ordering time option of resettable buzzer for alerting against line failure.
red_arrow  Power supply – ordering time options for 230 VAC, 24 VDC or 48 VDC.
red_arrow  May be optionally ordered with Industrial temperature range components.