815 12 Mbps High Throughput LAN Extender


CYGNUS 815 12 Mbps High Throughput LAN Extende



red_arrow  High speed Ethernet LAN Extender – extends ethernet LANs on a single 0.5 mm diameter telephone pair.
red_arrow  Offers trade off between speed and driving range. On unloaded copper telephone wires of 0.5 mm diameter, the maximum driving range can be over 10.5 km at 192 kbps, over 7 km at 2 Mbps, over 4 km at 5 Mbps on error-free line.
red_arrow  Offers automatic adaptive speed negotiation over G.SHDSL bis range.
red_arrow  Additional fixed speed option of 2 km at 10 Mbps and 1.2 km at 12 Mbps on error free shielded line.
red_arrow  Avoids need for additional equipment at small sites :
         •Offers 4-port 10/100 Base-TX ethernet switch with VLAN support.
         •Offers built-in transparent bridging functionality.
red_arrow  Can be optionally ordered with a built in audible buzzer for indicating failure of a line.
red_arrow  Comprehensive front panel indicators for dynamic display of unit status.
red_arrow  Convenient diagnostic tests which can be initiated through front panel switches.
red_arrow  Facility for testing line quality using PRBS pattern generation and checking.
red_arrow  Variety of configuration and monitoring options:
         •DIP switches.
         •Console port.
         •LCD-keypad (in some models).
         •SNMP/Telnet/HTTP over the TCP/IP network (in some models).
         •EOC over G.SHDSL line.
red_arrow  Can be ordered with AC , DC or both power supplies.