812 2 Mbps LAN Extender


CYGNUS 812 2 Mbps LAN Extender




red_arrow  Extends ethernet LANs up to 10.5 km on standard 0.5 mm diameter telephone wiring.
red_arrow  Operates in pairs across 2-wire unloaded copper circuit.
red_arrow  Avoids need for additional equipment at small sites :
         •Built-in 4-port autosensing 10/100 Base-T ethernet switch.
         •Built-in transparent bridging functionality.
         •Support for VLANs (ordering time option)
red_arrow  Speed can be selected between 192 kbps and 2304 kbps to get rate-range benefit.
red_arrow  Offers trade off between speed and driving range – driving range varies from 5.5 km at 2304 kbps to 10.5 km at 192 kbps.
red_arrow  Can be field configured to automatically adjust line speed based on line quality and line length.
red_arrow  Facility for testing line quality using PRBS pattern generation and checking.
red_arrow  Easily configurable using DIP switches provided on the unit. Also manageable:
         •Via a terminal connected to dedicated RS 232 Console Port.
         •Via SNMP from central NMS (Network Management Station) via TELNET/HTTP compatible web browser interface.
red_arrow  Option of AC, DC or AC & DC (field selectable) power supply.