803 2 Mbps V35-E1 Converter

CYGNUS 803 2 Mbps V35-E1 Converter



red_arrow  Allows devices such as routers to connect to E1 links telecom networks through E1 interface.
red_arrow  CYGNUS 803 supports connection to both framed and unframed E1 links.
red_arrow  E1 interface complies with ITU-T Recommendations G.703 and G.704.
red_arrow  Frame types selectable from: PCM 30 and PCM 31, with and without CRC-4.
red_arrow  Menu driven supervisory software (accessible from a RS232 compatible console port) for configuration, monitoring and statistics reporting.
red_arrow  Built-in pattern generator and checker for qualitative and quantitative error performance monitoring of the E1 interface.
red_arrow  Front panel indicators for displaying unit status.
red_arrow  Can connect multiple DTEs to a single E1 link by cascading a number of CYGNUS 803 units.
red_arrow  Ordering time options for both CYGNUS 803 and CYGNUS 803L:
red_arrow  Operating power supply: 230 VAC, -48 VDC or both.
red_arrow  E1 interface: 120 ohm balanced (standard), 75 ohm unbalanced or both.
red_arrow  LCD/keypad for selecting operating parameters.