421E JTBS Linker



red_arrow Robust solution for connecting asynchronous RS 232 devices in an error free manner over synchronous 64 kbps leased lines.
red_arrow Operates in pairs.
red_arrow Converts between asynchronous RS232 and synchronous V.35 interfaces; provides automatic detection and correction of data transmission errors.
red_arrow 1500 VAC isolation protection on RS232 Ports.
red_arrow Console port for configuration and diagnostics.
red_arrow Status display indicators.
red_arrow 230 VAC operation.

Use the CYGNUS 421 ECC (JTBS Linker) to achieve error-free communication between asynchronous RS232 devices over a 64 kbps leased line. The CYGNUS 421 operates in pairs across the leased line and connects to external 64 kbps modems through a synchronous V.35 interface. It supports up to two asynchronous RS232 user devices. Isolation protection of 1500 VAC is standard for these two RS 232 ports (although the product is optionally also available without this isolation protection). The unit operates from standard 230 VAC power supply and has a built-in SMPS to ensure reliability. Configuration and diagnostics can be carried out through a console port provided for the purpose.