408 RS232 Port Isolator

CYGNUS 408 RS232 Port Isolator


red_arrow Protects RS 232 ports of communication devices such as Terminal Servers, Statistical Multiplexers, etc., by electrically isolating them from user devices such as Dumb Terminals, Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminals, PC COM ports, etc.
red_arrow 1500 VAC isolation between the two RS 232 ports of a channel using latest surface mount inductive coupling technology and isolated DC-DC converter.
red_arrow Optional built-in ESD protection to handle sharp transients from terminals.
red_arrow Supports Transmit, Receive and Signal Ground for isolation.
red_arrow LED indicators provided for Transmit and Receive signals.
red_arrow RJ 45 connector on both sides.
red_arrow Available as a single port standalone box or as 4-Port standalone box.
red_arrow Specially advised where:
         • Distance between communication device and terminal is large.
         • Communication device and user terminals operate from different AC supply phases, or from sources which have voltage difference between their Earths, or signal grounds .
         • AC power at the site is derived from overhead traction power lines (OHE)
         • Online UPS systems are not provided, or are of poor quality
         • AC supply is subject to high voltage surges, e.g., due to proximity to overhead train traction lines.
         • There is frequent plugging/unplugging of RS 232 cables.
         • There is a high level of common mode voltage on RS 232 signal lines or signal ground.