1121 Networking Terminal Server

CYGNUS 1121 Networking Terminal Server


red_arrow Single box solution for connecting dumb terminals and ethernet compatible devices such as Thin Clients, ATVMs, PCs at a remote station to central PRS/UTS servers over a TCP/IP WAN.
red_arrow Built-in features to aid in PRS-UTS integration.
red_arrow WAN ports.
         • 4 WAN ports with support for standard routing protocols.
         • Standard WAN interface: V.35/RS232. Optionally, on up to 2 ports: E1 or ISDN-S (in lieu of V.35/RS232) for direct connection to telecom circuits.
red_arrow Asynchronous terminal ports:
         • 8 or 16 terminal ports, supporting TELNET and RLOGIN.
         • Ability to open multiple simultaneous sessions.This allows and operator to open sessions with both PRS and UTS applications, and to switch between them without terminating any of them, thus facilitating PRS-UTS integration.
         • ”Implicit” connection facility allows terminal ports to be automatically connected to specific applications at power on.
         • Separate answer back codes for each session enhance security.
red_arrow Eight 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX ethernet ports, with built-in programmable switch and VLAN support.
red_arrow User friendly menu based supervisor for easy configuration and quick deployment.
red_arrow Diagnostic and monitoring facilities include port level diagnostics, statistics and status reports, and a comprehensive set of indicators.
red_arrow Support for centralised management through SNMP/Telnet.
red_arrow 19 inch rack mountable.
red_arrow CYGNUS 1121 Networking Terminal Server (NeTS) is the ideal remote station connectivity solution for Railways PRS and UTS networks. User equipment such as RS232 terminals, chart printers, PCs, Thin Clients, automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs), etc., at remote stations can easily and conveniently be connected to central PRS and UTS servers using NeTS. With features that facilitate integration of PRS and UTS, this standards compliant box is a cost effective alternative to solutions which require a terminal server, LAN switch, router and modems at the remote site to provide connectivity.
red_arrow RS232 terminals and serial printers can be connected to the NeTS’ Terminal Ports. PCs, ATVMs and Thin Clients can be connected to its 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX compatible ethernet ports. WAN ports of the NeTS can inter-work with standard TCP/IP routers. When deployed with built-in telecom line interfaces on its WAN ports no external modems are required, and the CYGNUS 1121 is in fact the only communication equipment required at the remote site.
red_arrow Using NeTS, you can get a new remote site up and running quickly and simply. You avoid the interconnecting cables between separate boxes and need only one power cable and power outlet. Operations staff need to learn to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot only one box. A single box solution is more reliable, saves housing space and tremendously simplifies management of spares inventory. Deployment of CYGNUS 1121 therefore saves not only upfront costs, but also reduces the cost of life cycle ownership.
red_arrow NeTS can be used in point-to-point or networked topologies. By connecting its multiple WAN ports to links from one or more telecom providers you can set up fault tolerant path redundant topologies.