1110 MODBUS Router




red_arrow  Single-box Modbus Router solution for allowing a number of user devices to communicate over an IP-based network in wide-area Access, Control and Monitoring applications that have RS232/RS485 and Ethernet based hosts and clients.
red_arrow A built-in IP routing function allows the CYGNUS 1110 units to either connect to an existing IP-based network, or be interconnected among themselves to form a new IP-based network. Two Network Ports with V.35 interface are provided. These can operate over leased lines at speeds up to 2 Mbps.
red_arrow  Salient Features of Ethernet ports:
         • Built-in 4-port managed switch for 10/100 Base-T devices
         • Can connect to PCs, or TCP/IP clients or servers
         • MAC address based port security to minimise chances of misuse
red_arrow  Salient features of RS232 ports:
         • Four RS232 compatible Terminal Ports (higher port models available),These ports can also be used by 2 wire RS485 devices using external Cygnus Converters.
         • Provides different modes for handling RS232 port data.
red_arrow  Modbus TCP/IP and Serial RTU/ASCII based packetization forhandling terminal port data:
         • This is suitable for control and monitoring of multiple Modbus Serial slave devices connected to one or more RS232 ports. It also supports conversion fromone form of Modbus like Modbus TCP to Modbus Serial and vice-versa.
         • UDP based packetization for handling raw RS232 port data, with versatile data forwarding methods to replace party line master-slave network formed out of multidrop analog modems.
         • TCP based packetization for handling RS232 port data for an error-free, in-sequence delivery of data between two RS232 ports, or between an RS232 port and a remote TCP/IP host.
red_arrow  The unit can also be used as a standalone Terminal Server with TCP/UDP-over-IP based data forwarding between RS232 user devices and an Ethernet host.
red_arrow  Menu-based supervisor, with commands for configuration, diagnostics, statistics and status reports are provided.
red_arrow  1500 VAC isolation option on RS232 ports.
red_arrow  A separate RS232 compatible console port is provided for supervisory configuration and monitoring. In addition, the unit can also be configured and monitored from a central NMS using Telnet.
red_arrow  Support is provided to generate SNMP “Traps” on user-selectable events.
red_arrow  Field upgradable firmware.
red_arrow  External converters available from CYGNUS for RS232 to 2-wire RS485, 4-wire RS422 or 20mA current loop interface.